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  1. Mehanical Hand Tools
  2. Wood Workingh Tools and Equipment
  3. Pipe Fabrication, Plumbing, Electric and mechanic tools
  4. Welding Tools and Battery Equipments
  5. Crimping Tools and Dies
  6. Air Compressors and Preumatic Tools
  7. Drills, Grinders, Saws Etc (Electric and Petrol
  8. Testing Measuring Equipment
  9. Workshop Heavyweight Tools
  10. Hydraulic power Tools and others
  11. Adhesives
  12. Lubricants, Tyre services and Accessories
  13. Cutting and Grindingb Tools and Accesssories
  14. Cleaning Equipments and Chemicals
  15. Safety Equipments and Environmental Solutions.
  16. Computerized alighnment and Welding Equipments



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