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                                               Our Products 

Industrial Materials Org. (IMO) provides the local market a variety of services, which include the procurement and supply of automotive services equipment, garage tools, construction tools and technical machinery for various construction and workshop related concerns. Along with the procurement and supply of these items we also provide the best available training, installation and technical support for the said items. We emphasize on the fact that the items we supply have to be in the best working condition, so that the customer is 100% satisfied. This entails service calls and site visits to customers, training and helping customers by answering their concerns and needs as they arise. We promote our products and services through out the Kingdom via our network of branches which cover North, South, East and West of Saudi Arabia. Our service center is based in Riyadh, with a branch in Jeddah. Our service calls cover the all regions of Saudi Arabia. Our technical staff has a broad experience in the Automotive service equipment, especially in the Hunter Engineering products, OMCN auto lifts and the STAHL overhead cranes. We have been providing technical service to our clients for over 15 years.

IMO Service aims to fulfill the customer’s needs and requirement in timely and efficient manner. We are available for product related as well as non-product related services. We also provide guidance and technical support for the set up of workshop and service centers.

Service Center

Wheel Oriented

Wheel Balancers, Tire Changers and Accessories.

Wheel Oriented

Hand Tools, Garage Tools, Tool Boxes, Tool Trolleys.

Piping Tools and Accessories, Drain Cleaning and Pipe Threading Equipment.

Hand Tools, Garage Tools, Tool Boxes, Tool Trolleys.

Power Tools, Power Hammers, Drills, Saws and Accessories.

Equipment Oriented

Automotive Refrigeration, Recycling Equipment and Accessories.

Over Head Cranes, Material Handling Equipment.

Four Post / Two Post Auto Lifts, Jacks, Stands and Accessories.

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